Authentic Products

Exquisite Link technology Limited has authentic products, best prices in the market, and best-in-class customer service.

Our Goal

Provide the Best IT Solutions with Superior Level of Service at the Most Affordable Cost” ”Beauty of Technologies

Our Alliance

Our alliance is with Logitech as a Business Partner and with HP as certified partner, thus enabling us to offer the most cost effective solutions to our clients.

Who are we ?

Exquisite link Technologies Ltd. is a Professional IT Services Company based in Lagos Nigeria located in Ikeja, which specializes in providing cost effective and high value IT Management and Business Solutions. We help our clients with the selection, installation and maintenance of their complete IT Infrastructure that runs their business. We have an experienced Technical and Management team, a sound financial base and the expertise and speed to help our clients achieve faster corporate growth.

Exquisite Link Technologies Ltd provides a full suite of Professional IT Services, encompassing all phases of the IT Infrastructure Project

– the planning

– the assessment and selection

– including all phases of implementation and integration. In projects for up gradation we take care of optimization and support.


All our Products and Services can be customized to meet diverse client requirements. We deliver efficiently and punctually thus enhancing client’s value and their IT investment return.

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